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Making it official

I stumbled out of bed 9AM Wednesday morning to a sudden wake up call from my mother. She wanted me to hear the waves. What waves? Still asleep, I'm trying to make sense of what's happening. I hear static. Lots of whooshing and what might sound like a few waves lifting and crashing. Mom is so excited to be standing ankle deep in the ocean and calling me on her cell phone somewhere in Rhode Island. Huh? What was she doing so far away from the Catskills? Turns out she wanted to visit the sea. And she wanted me to hear the waves. With her. From her cell phone. My mom.

I had to wake up early, anyway. Film director, Ben Sainsbury was in town and was showing his 7-minute trailer of JAIL BAIT [of which I'm intermittently adapting into a graphic novel] @11:45AM at the Angelika Film Center for the IFP Market [Independent Film Project]. I rode my bike to lower Manhattan to show face in support of Sainsbury's movie while he secured some distribution interest. Then, I rode my bike over to DC Comics with the first draft of a very important script [written by a celebrated pioneer] in hand to make copies for Vertigo editorial to read. I signed my side of the contracts to make everything official for me to draw. Once DC sparks the blitz, I'll drop dime on the graphic novel. A job that will keep me busy until Spring/2005, and probably make a solid impact for literary comix. I rode my bike to Jim Hanley's Universe and bought new comix and went home to read AVENGERS lose another team member and ASTONISHING X-MEN resurrect another. Naturally.

[Warren Cohen, Kyle Baker, Dean Haspiel, Nick Bertozzi]
(c)2004 Ben Jones / Jigsaw

Spent Thursday finishing up most of my eight illustrations for the lead article in next week's edition of the WASHINGTON CITY PAPER, while tackling breakdowns for the cover. @8PM I split on my bike for Josh Neufeld's A FEW PERFECT HOURS book party at Jigsaw in the lower east side of Manhattan, which was packed with over 100 family, friends, and fans. Some folks came in from as far away as Chicago! I imbibed free Jim Beam ~ Black [on ice] while cavorting with Jigsaw proprietor Ben Jones, and cartoonists/pals Bob Fingerman and his wife Michele, Nick Bertozzi, rantcomics, Joan Reilly, Heidi MacDonald, zegas, Rob Walker, eyehawk and his wife Marie, Danielle Nguyen, Maureen McTigue, and a bunch of others. Kyle Baker showed me an original animation he was working on, including a sneak-peek at PLASTIC MAN #11 on his portable Macintosh computer. Kyle was very proud of a page DC Comics had issue with and made him delete.

[Baker & Haspiel]
(c)2004 Ben Jones / Jigsaw

Josh spent the entire evening signing and sketching his magnum opus. Of whom, I'm quite proud.


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