Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Charging for signatures

The only time I ever charged for my signature was/is for The Walking Dead variant cover I did for Wizard World Raleigh, which is a signature/celebrity/pop culture show where people PAY for signatures and often flip said signed materials immediately on ebay. I witnessed this MANY times with my Walking Dead variant and it went for as much as $100 on ebay. I was a guest at Wizard World six times this year (they were very good to me) and it's a show that boasts celebrity and signatures where people are willing to pay $250 for a VIP Pass to take a picture and get it signed by William Shatner. Or, pay much more for the same thing to hang with a Dr. Who actor, etc. It's not my money to spend in that way but there is a growing culture that's okay with paying for signed materials. It's almost a silent agreement that a "convention special" or "rare item" be charged more for when signed. And, I don't begrudge any creator from asking, especially these days when a lot of "fans" hardly read or seek out the source materials for the very creation they're dressed up as and/or enjoying iterations of in other, more lucrative mediums. Bottom line: I think there is a big difference between a regular comic book reader (MY bread and butter) and a convention goer (for which I'm learning the ropes). I'm curious to know how many convention goers actually read comix?

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