Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The Washington Post "SPX 2015: Publishers and creators proudly share books they’re debuting at expo"

 photo DinoSPX2015_zpsih1gbg0k.jpg
(Dean Haspiel at SPX 2015. Photographed by Hannah Means-Shannon)

I sported a quote for Michael Cavna’s report about SPX 2015 in The Washington Post:

“Hang Dai Editions is proud to debut three graphic novels at SPX that represents our side of the New York comics tracks, where semi-autobio converges with superhero ambiance and fine art,” Haspiel tells Comic Riffs. “I’m personally proud to finally furnish ‘Beef With Tomato,’ my love letter to NYC, and help shepherd the late Seth Kushner’s ‘Schmuck’ into fruition, alongside Hang Dai co-founder Gregory Benton and his beautifully mute book, ‘Smoke.’ ”

Read the entire article here:

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