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PopMythology reviews Dean Haspiel's BEEF WITH TOMATO

PopMythology wrote a wonderful review of my graphic novel, BEEF WITH TOMATO.

“It’s not just artistically that Haspiel has been influenced by the superhero ethos. While drawing all those heroes some part of that ethos must have seeped up from the Bristol paper, through his pen, through his veins and into his brain to inform his worldview. He’s got a knack for finding himself in strange, scary or dramatic situations (maybe it’s just a result of living in New York), and he seems to enjoy being the one to call the police or ambulance or the one to stop the gunman from reaching into his coat. Like the heroes he often draws, he doesn’t hesitate to leap into the thick of things to lend a helping hand, and in situations when he can’t, as in the 9/11 vignette “Doored,” it drives him crazy.

Ever by his side, Haspiel’s bicycle is like a second protagonist or sidekick in these stories. It’s the Rocinante in his Quixotic quest to see, absorb and understand as much of the chaotic tangle of humanity that is New York City (or at least Brooklyn) as he can. Or perhaps the Silver Surfer’s board would be a more apt comparison since Haspiel comes across as an observer orbiting people’s private worlds, sometimes stopping to help, sometimes getting into fights, all the while feeding his Galactus-like hunger for experience. Of course, the Surfer’s board doesn’t get ripped off or demolished nearly as often as Haspiel’s bike does so the analogy is admittedly a limited one!”

Read the entire review here:

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