Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Bleeding Cool: Impressive Art Experimentation for The Fox #4

Bleeding Cool editor-in-chief Hannah Means-Shannon made some nice observations about my work on The Fox #4:

"The covers do suggest the escalation in the series that’s coming to a head this issue. But coming up on the preview, I want readers to notice the first image and the last 2 spreads particularly, though all these pages are dynamic and excellent. In this first image, the Fox is falling, not giving a damn, and it’s an inversion of a pratfall because he refuses to react, trusting in his aerial skills. It’s like a Buster Keaton attitude without the panic. The last two spreads are seriously impressive. One is Escher-like and will lead the eye in all kinds of mind-bending directions. It actually makes me dizzy as I get trapped in the loop.

The second spread is so suggestive of the dominant force of fear in one’s own mind that it seems Dali-like in its oppressive force, also somehow “stuck” in a still moment that seems to go on forever for The Fox. Bravo to Mr. Haspiel. He’s pushed his own art, and the Fox, into all new visual territories. We have a lot of very talented comics artists working right now or on the rise, but let this serve as a reminder that experimentation is the only way forward for the medium."

Read the rest of the article and see the preview for The Fox #4 here:

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