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Delaware News Journal talks "Strange Fruit" and "The Fox" with writer Mark Waid

Christopher Calloway talks to Mark Waid about "Strange Fruit," his new Boom! comic book collaboration with artist J.G. Jones, and they mention my collaboration with Mark on The Fox:

"It's just a blast working with Dino. We talk about the plots in very rough terms as he starts to cobble the overall story arc together, but I prefer to let him do the heavy lifting plot-wise," Waid said.

Waid dialogues Haspiel's drawn pages without actually reading the page-by-page synopses first.

"Just to see how in-tune we are and more often than not I'm on it," Waid said, "meaning that Dino's art conveys his story so well that it is easy to dialogue."

Read the entire article/interview here:

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