Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

What'cha Reading reviews The Fox #3

"Haspiel’s sentiments are fully conveyed in the third chapter of The Fox. If you pick up the Haspiel cover, complete with a Billy Dogma-ish Paul Patton Jr. covered in smooches from a bevy of women, we’re immediately transported to an Eisner-esque tale of super-heroics. Paul Patton Jr. a.k.a. The Fox, is strolling down the street with a coffee in one hand and his cell in the other. Do we question a grown man dressed in a Fox like outfit crossing the street? No! And why should we? If readers can accept worlds converging and secret wars filled with battles than why can’t we accept a world of heroes and villains and… Madam Satan?!?"

"If you’re lost in wave after wave of comics while you peruse the shelf at your local comic shop, please take a look for The Fox. It’s the kind of book we need, but don’t deserve. And for that, I thank Dark Circle, Dean Haspiel, Mark Waid and Alex Segura once again."

Read the entire review here:

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