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What'cha Reading interviews Dean Haspiel at Special Edition NYC

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Steven Biscotti interviewed me at Special Edition NYC 2015 for What'cha Reading website.

"I feel like a lot of our contemporary super hero comics are bleak, are very sad, and depressing in certain ways. I actually said this to someone “How could you make the apocalypse so boring?” because after a while it’s like they keep using that same idea over and over again. The end of the world, the end of the world – who cares? You know, some of my favorite super hero stories are like George Reeves Superman where he would grab someone’s gun and turn it into a pretzel. Why isn’t that good enough? And then you tell a story around that, you know, it shouldn’t be about saving the planet every issue or the fact that some mass-murderer is raping and pillaging and killing everybody. I’m not into that kind of villainy."

"my dad when I was a kid would sometimes go out and he’d come back with a story, and the story was something you might have seen in a vigilante or something heroic, or perverse, or weird, or him trying to stop some kind of crime, or involved n some kind of drama to the point where it happened often and I used to joke that even though my father’s a writer, I was raised by a cop. He was like a cop in my own home even though he wasn’t a policeman. But he’d come back with these crazy stories so in a way, I think my dad was my first super hero so there are elements in “The Fox” of the father/son relationship"

Read the entire interview here:

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