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Last day of May, I turned 48 but I feel 58. Comix grind keeps me too sedentary. Luckily, my gal Jen took me off-grid for a brief camping stint in humid Jenny Jump, NJ where we set up a tent and hammock, grilled meat and corn, hiked, got bit by a million mosquitoes, and the cosmos let me see Venus, Saturn and Jupiter with my naked eye (via telescope). My broken body isn't made to lay so close to earth but the challenge allowed me to shush and hear birds and bugs chatter late into the night. I kept thinking...this is where songs I steeped in nature's music; interrupted by occasional paranoia that a bit of skirt steak lodged between two of my teeth would alert a bear and the songs would transition from cosmic flutes to a shredding guitar solo made from human shrieks. Instead, the sky opened up, launching a marathon of wet toes hopscotching the tent's canvas as damp feet became a moist sweep of white noise, knocking me out. When I woke up, I'd traveled another successful revolution around Sol confirming the older I get the less I know.

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