Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

PopCultureMaven reviews The Fox #2

"Haspiel and Waid take a classic comic book good versus bad and has a lot of fun with it. Not only with the snappy quips but the villains are super outrageous and a real hoot. I love the fact that the book takes a lot of risks with a standard superhero and letting it go in directions that you normally don’t see and make it all work so well. As weird as the story can get they never lose sight of the characters and their motivations that keep the book grounded with the mayhem that is going on. Haspiel’s cartoony style really fits the mood and fun that the book story needs to work. If you had a more traditional comic book artists doing the book it just wouldn’t work as well. Haspiel’s art just leaps off the pages and makes the book a visual feast."

Read the entire review here:

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