Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

CBR reviews The Fox #2

"Haspiel builds plenty of goofy into the characters' appearances as well, from the large, impossibly expressive eyes on the Fox's mask to the odd, hulking red mess that calls himself Brontosaurus. Haspiel's storytelling is crisp and sharp, with tight panels that contain all of the action and guide the story's flow. The Fox and Ghost Fox are both lithe throughout the issue and all of the characters are expressive and energetic. Haspiel inserts some visual tributes to Jack Kirby in the Gadgeteer's design and drops plenty of Kirby dots into the backgrounds.

"The Fox" #2 is a smart, fun comic worth checking out. Haspiel, Waid, Passalaqua and Workman give readers exactly the type of comic the readership clamors for: light continuity, strong characters, action, intrigue and plenty of fun. Readers looking for a new start with a fun new character and offbeat adventures need look no further than "The Fox" #2."

Read the entire review here:

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