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WhatchaReading reviews The Fox #1

"Dark Circle Comics’ chapter one of Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid’s “The Fox” is a thing of beauty, a comic to behold, and a fine example of true artistry."

"At times Haspiel and Waid’s story reads like Ben Edlund’s sharp, super-hero satire “The Tick” and there are other moments that are filled with the charm of Will Eisner’s “The Spirit.”

"While Haspiel and Waid keep us on our toes, we’re never really quite fearful for our hero. The violence and threat comes across like the impending nature of doom one faces in a cartoon. Maybe it’s because of the pleasantness of Haspiel’s art, bringing to mind Chris Samnee’s work. (Samnee is one of the featured variant artists) But no matter what the situation, every beat works in chapter one of “The Fox.” I’ve heard many readers voice complaints over the events unfolding in other comic books and Dark Circle is perfectly situated while certain publishers converge and have their secret wars. Here is an attractively charming title with plenty of heart. It also invitingly opens up a new world of comic books that you may have been following or possibly not have known about.

Dark Circle Comics have a truly special series on their hands and one that deserves every bit of attention it could get. How often does a comic reader in today’s day and age have the opportunity to be in on the ground floor for a new, universe building story? Of all new characters! And ones that are actually well-written and adoringly rendered!"

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