Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Dog House Sick

Finally gots mine. Hanging around 9-to-5ers this past weekend allowed me to snag the corporate germs they've been incubating. Head aches. Body aches. Sniffles slip, splash, and slide into full blown snot-concert. Leaking down my cheek when I sleep. Ass paper to the side so I can sponge mucous from my membranes. Dizzy dreams of tiny cats in the country fields living in trees and bushes. Wondering how will they survive? What do they eat? A ninja of a mother cat sweeps them off their feet in the grip of her mouth, carrying them off to safety. To food. To shelter. Wet cheek. Groggy. I wake up to see my own two cats at each side, protecting me. Reminding me that SBX can't be my Sphinx right now like they can. They don't have tiny offspring to run around and protect all day long like SBX does. I have to be my own ninja mommy. For the time being.

Time -- not enough of it for SBX, too much of it for me. Got so much of it, why did it take 3-days to pencil & ink page 23 of NIGHT FALLS ON YANCY STREET? Can't beat myself up. Getting back into the groove after a 2-month hiatus drawing TANGLED WEB. Dorkin's script is dense, surgical, deep. It's only a comic, but this one is extremely important to me. Gonna knock socks. Rock blocks.


Today is SBX and my 11-month Anniversary. I pray I make it to dinner.

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