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Den of Geek reviews The Fox #1

"Written by Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid, with art by Haspiel, The Fox is a joyous romp that is immediately compelling. With the Fox and the rogue's gallery of supporting characters who appear within the pages, Waid and Haspiel have brought a familiar yet slightly off group of characters to the forefront. We've seen figures like these in comics many times before, though rarely with such self-aware glee. (While complaining about his acceptance of wearing the Fox's uniform under his street clothes, Patton contemplates a career move as a competitive dog groomer). The comedic touches keep the story flowing forwards, but behind the laughs is a subtle statement about the dangers of becoming overly nostalgic -- one that perfectly befits a reboot of a comic character who has been kicking around since 1940.

As great as the Waid/Haspiel writing team is, it's Haspiel's delighftul cartoonish art that shines here. Think the comic offspring of Ben Edlund and Mike Mignola and you've got a pretty good idea of Haspiel's visual style here, one that is heightened by gorgeous splash pages.

It may be a bit early to say so, but screw it, The Fox is a perfect comic that will prove to be amongst the year's best. Juggling humor, excitement and heart, it is an absolute pleasure to read. Paul Patton Jr. may be unhappy with his lot in life, but you'll love everything about it."

Read the entire review here:

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