Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Broken Frontier reviews The Fox #1

"Haspiel and Waid share an obvious love of the Fox and infuse this latest fast-paced misadventure with a huge, fun-loving heart and loads of storytelling craft. On the surface, the intent may seem too simple or light on its feet to bear any real weight, but the pair layer the story with an undercurrent of introspection, centered on Paul’s dedication to his family, which lends the series its emotional heft."

"As Waid uses crisp, fluid dialogue to inject Patton with the requisite emotional complexity to prevent him from degenerating into nothing more than a middle-aged Peter Parker, The Fox’s tone remains light. Haspiel teams up with colorist Allan Passalaqua to create distinctive, eye-popping visuals that infuse the book with a kaleidoscopic, vibrant energy, matching the plot’s rambunctious pace stride for stride. The end result is a product of high craft and passion that appears deceptively elementary to the uninitiated."

Read the entire review here:

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