Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Deadshirt reviews The Fox #1

"Haspiel and Waid’s Fox is a stern-jawed legacy hero, a photojournalist trying to live up to his father’s example while taking care of his own family. He has a weariness to him, and he’s neither excited to see his childhood hometown demolished by corporate buyers, nor by the appearance of a supervillain to tangle with. Haspiel draws him rumpled and perturbed, like a cut-rate Batman or Daredevil. Still, the Fox is a capable hero, as evidenced by how many people have an axe to grind with him. The final scene, which sets up the overarching plot, features the Fox’s colorful dangerous rogue’s gallery called together for a bounty on his head. The use of bland smile iconography as a sinister, villainous motif is a solid choice, one that ties the banality of evil even more closely to corporate activities."

Read the rest of the review here:

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