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Nerdspan reviews The Fox #1

"Haspiel’s figure work blends the best of the cartoony side of the comic book masters, and he is especially adept at using the reader’s mind as an extra brush to add a dimension to the action, like Alex Toth and Frank Miller. The staging in issue one is also reminiscent of Rob Guillory’s work in Chew, which will make the first issue feel especially fresh to fans of the prior series, as it seems to be a side of Haspiel that we haven’t seen before and reflects some cross-pollination from current cartoon art styles. Fans of recent cartoon art action series such as Chew, Rocket Raccoon, and Sexcastle should not leave The Fox on the racks. Fans of vintage superhero cartoon-styled art (Toth and Miller, also Kirby, Swan, Ditko, and Infantino) will have all their nostalgia buttons activated at the same time. It is a freeing experience to find another comic in which the creators know that the experience of it is in your head and not on the page and spend as much time on the layout and the direction and not on overworking the panels into an opaque mess. Instead of trying to translate a prose story to a comic book page, this comic leads with its visual choices, choosing sometimes to focus on the foreground by using minimalist backgrounds, or having objects break the gutters of the panels to extend their reach, or to become panels themselves, such as when this tarot card intrudes into the narrative."

"Composed of grabbing visuals, visceral tension between father and son, and romantic conflict between superhero and supervillain, The Fox #1 is a unique reading experience that will draw you back for a few re-readings, and it is a definite recommendation for your pull list this week."

Read the entire review here:

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