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Bleeding Cool reviews The Fox #1

"Fox Hunt #1 sets us up for a dark ride by the end of the issue as we begin to realize forces are gathering against the Fox despite his lack of intentional involvement in crimefighting. But one of the things that makes me confident that Fox Hunt is going to be as compelling, and most likely even more compelling, than the first Fox mini-series by Waid and Haspiel is the use of language. It’s hard-nosed, punchy, bullet-proof, and part of an almost jazz-like structure of narrative boxes tumbling through the panels forming a distinctive rhythm to the movement of the story. We hear Patton’s thoughts, his memories, his reactions, and they punctuate and harmonize with his movements in an interesting back and forth, giving the comic an energy in the tension between language and image that few comics, if any, utilize these days when it’s becoming all too common for the speech and the images in a comic to essentially “say” the same thing.

As Patton reflects on whether it’s ever possible to get your “innocence back” as someone from his past comments, he’s bruised, battered, and already wrestling his past to the ground in Fox Hunt #1. He’s the ultimate combination of noir detective, Marlowe-like beset by a world of troubles and the superhero with a target on his back for all the underworld he’s managed to cross in his lengthening career. Will he ever find out who he really is or wants to be? Fox Hunt is going to force Paul Patton to answer his own questions before others answer those questions for him in ways he may not like. The Dark Circle goes darker in Fox Hunt, and it’s going to show you a hero, and a man, under siege. His humor, his language, his versatility, are all going to be put to the test as the story, indeed, comes to him in very big ways. What starts as a trip down memory lane takes only moments to turn into a toxic punch-up, and that’s only the beginning of what’s in store for Paul Patton in Fox Hunt."

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