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The Mary Sue Interview: Dean Haspiel on Archie Comics’ New Dark Circle Series The Fox


"As we grow old, it’s normal to recognize and contextualize the things that informed the person you currently are. Your first kiss, your first punch, your first heartbreak, your first book, comic book, movie and song that meant something to you. These milestones change us forever.

 I believe that sacrificing stability for doing what you love, coupled with keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s cool and different, keeps us young at heart. Life should be a roller coaster of risks and spectacular disasters so that you know what it’s like to feel alive."

"I’ve always had a conflicted relationship with technology. Even though I was a progenitor and champion of webcomics with the likes of, Zuda, and Trip, I don’t read comics digitally. I prefer analog. I like how we’re able to lift the veil between creation and creator and consumer, but we’ve come to hopscotch in a dimension of too much information where everyone is suffering attention deficit disorder. We’re no longer interested in what happened 30 seconds ago because we can’t wait for what’s going to happen 30 seconds from now. And, worse, we can’t wait to comment on it, often in a negative way. I’m a culprit of my very own criticism and I’m trying to put things back into perspective. I’m trying to make sense of how we got to here from there. And, it all starts with water."

"I have a few Fox stories percolating. I recently pitched a very dark tale that involves the original Fox that I feel would make a good trilogy alongside Freak Magnet and “Fox Hunt.” I have a few one-offs that involve a freak show at a circus, and a villain that weaponizes words. Kind of a cross between the way Will Eisner created font-sized landscapes in The Spirit and the horror movie Pontypool."

You can read the entire interview here:

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