Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

"Wet Dreams" pop-up review

 photo WetDreams_zps2tq3bnwm.jpg

Adam McGovern wrote a great pop-up review on Facebook of my new Billy Dogma ditty, "Wet dreams":

"When we did our Nightworld signing at Forbidden Planet they'd already run out of Dean Haspiel's next masterpiece, out that very day, but an endless-night stand at a Dionysian poetry slam with spiraling rhyme-scheme in a sinuous dance and nothing but two colors combusting a move of the earth -- it's on the back of Alex De Campi's Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #3, which you needed already, and if the Twinkies in those '70s comicbook ads had been laced with psychotropics, you'd want this."

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