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Multiversity reviews FOX HUNT #1

Multiversity reviews FOX HUNT #1


"The reason that this all works, undoubtedly, is Dean Haspiel. Haspiel, a cartoonist who won an Emmy for the opening credits of Bored to Death, is one of the finest illustrators working today, and this issue reminds you of that at each turn. His Fox always looks slightly goofy, with the requisite floppy ear, and his managing of facial expressions is so refined that the book could practically work silently. His eyes are the key to his work- from the Fox’s plain white discs to the pain and longing in the villain’s, every one tells a different story.

His visual storytelling is both kinetic and smooth, allowing the reader to leap along with the Fox, while still having beautiful moments of pause and reflection. Shinji’s side trip to the church might be seen as just an excuse to give Paul some time by himself, but Haspiel uses the moment to draw a beautiful stained glass window, and let the reader take a breath before the breakneck conclusion of the issue. Haspiel’s pacing is masterful, allowing each scene the proper room to breathe without settling into boredom.

Mark Waid is scripting the series from Haspiel’s plot, and Waid slides right into Haspiel’s voice. So many of the internal monologues are reminiscent of Billy Dogma, Haspiel’s fictitious alter ego, who fights for love and pride in psychedelic adventures that take the reader on journeys through the subconscious, past the id and back again."

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