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Comics Alliance reviews FOX HUNT #1

Comics Alliance reviews FOX HUNT #1


"Like Haspiel and Waid’s previous collaboration, this series was created in the old “Marvel style,” with Haspiel telling the story through his art before Waid adds the script. It’s a method that has lead to some particularly contentious problems regarding credit in the past, but it’s also created some of the greatest superhero comics of all time, like the original runs of Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.

Here it certainly brings out the best in Waid when it comes to dialogue and wordplay, and by freeing him to focus on that side of the story, it gives us a comic book that sounds like a Waid comic, but is shaped and moves rather differently.

Haspiel excels at drawing well-articulated brawny men and sharp-featured women, bringing a cartoony abstraction to their expressions and faces, and a highly kinetic sense of anatomy — never better demonstrated than when The Fox is all suited-up, as his costume reduces him to little more than a featureless figure with a pair of big, Spidey-sized eyes."

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