Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Dean Haspiel Waves His Wand At Wizard World

"Haspiel elaborated that the Wizard World cons and their approach mirrored Disneyworld in that the celebrity focus mirrored the Disney theme park, focusing on the popular, while fans and cos-players dressed up and “got their freak on” like at Mardi Gras (an image that was fresh in his mind after having just been with Wizard World in New Orleans)."

"He has his own book Psychotronic Comix which is a one-man anthology published by his studio imprint Hang Dai Editions, featuring: Tommy Rocket, The Red Hook, A-Okay Cool, and other real life stories that he was selling to fans at the show as a way to give them a taste of his work and style, but something you couldn’t get at a store. Haspiel believes “It’s important to make human connections between the creator and the reader during a time where digital distance creates faux-intimacy.”

Read the rest of the article here at Bleeding Cool:

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