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Wizard World Portland 2015 - sketches

 photo B8E-Q0QCAAAL6bZ_zpsrkokby7q.jpg

At Wizard World Portland I had a fun time doing panels with Shannon Wheeler, David Chelsea, and Chris Claremont, curated/moderated by Danny Fingeroth. Thanks to old-DEEP6 studio-mate, Leland Purvis, I got to visit the infamous Periscope Studios where Steve Lieber showed me the joint and his creative process, and I met a few of the cartoonists from the 26-member office, including Lucy Bellwood. Periscope made me think of what it must have been like in the legendary Eisner-Iger studio of yesteryear. Art tables stacked close to each other like my studio, Hang Dia, only six times bigger and designed like a horseshoe. Totally inspiring. Friday night, Bob Schreck took me and a small comix crew to delicious Indian food that included Brad Walker, Lieber & Wheeler. Bob then took us to a bar/restaurant in the tallest building of downtown Portland where we drank and shared stories while overlooking rooftops and bridges and a thousand lights. Saturday night, I hung out with Jamie S. Rich, Joelle Jones (and her cool squeeze, Ryan), Brendan Wright, Ryan Alexander-Tanner & Fred Chao and others at The White Owl. Anina Bennett gave me a hug, Diana Schutz gave me a kiss, and Christos Gage gave me a Man-Thing comic book. It was great to see Colleen Coover (sorry I missed you, Paul Tobin, thanks for the note), Michael Avon Oeming, Neal Adams, and Jeff Krelitz (Heavy Metal!). Agnes Barton-Sabo aka Betty Turbo sat at the table next to me + she took care of me all weekend with pie, pastries, cos-play sightseeing, and coffee. Portland is packed with lovely comix-makers, a true sister to Brooklyn. The Wizard World staff was, as usual, sweet and professional; making sure I was safe and happy. Big ups to Danny Fingeroth for casting me in his terrific panels. I did some sketches, including Harvey Pekar, The Thing, The Spirit, and The Fox.

 photo Pekar_WWPortland_zpsik2acirs.jpg
 photo Thing_WWPortland_zpsbgxdanmk.jpg
 photo spirit_WWPortland_zpsikppbap0.jpg
 photo Fox_WWPortland_zpsn0vlychl.jpg

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