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"If I helped set a Dark Circle precedent of sorts, then I'm honored. It seems that a lot of the franchise companies are editorially dictating what they want these days, but I prefer creator-inspired comix, and I'm glad Dark Circle is basically entrusting their characters with their talent. I don't envy DC having to cook up another game-changing Batman story after 75+ years, or Marvel having to make some kind of galaxy-sized sense out of Avengers continuity. And, frankly, the big crossover events often read like desperate yet unnecessary Hail Maries. I have no gripes against exciting the fans and making a big deal out of your fictional universe on an annual basis, but I enjoy the quieter superhero books like "Daredevil," "Hawkeye," "She-Hulk," "Silver Surfer," "Moon Knight" and "Iron Fist" because they're largely left alone and I don't need to spend a quadrillion dollars to get the full scope of the story. And, right now, Dark Circle is mandating that we dig deep, get serious and/or psychedelic and experiment with their toys while keeping us in check of what the market wants. It's been an interesting learning curve for me."

"I suppose the difference between Billy Dogma and The Fox is that Billy can't help himself. The Fox attempts to make sensible and heroic choices, whereas Billy Dogma is a force, albeit a flawed force, of nature. Flaws are where the two characters connect, actually, but Billy embraces conflict whereas The Fox would rather avoid it. Both characters ultimately do what needs to be done but The Fox takes longer to arrive at the solution because he's got too much white noise scrambling his mind, and Billy Dogma is too willing to break things in order to save what he deems worth saving."

Read the rest of the interview here:

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