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Breaking In And Staying In: A “Career” In Comics

Breaking In And Staying In: A “Career” In Comics With Denis Kitchen, Box Brown, Dean Haspiel, Daryl Seitchik At The Locust Moon Comics Festival by Hannah Means-Shannon at Bleeding Cool:

"Haspiel works 7 days a week just to get the money to hand it over to the landlord, and not have health insurance or any other safety nets, just to stay in comics. He doesn’t have anything that makes money “while he sleeps” and recently made 41 dollars of royalties on several works he’s done for them, combined. It’s the most “unprofessional profession” in the world, Haspiel laughed."

"Haspiel added that being on LiveJournal in 2006, he noticed cartoonists putting comics on line, and wondered why people weren’t more organized about it, which led to him founding the webcomics platform ACTIVATE. He had to “convince” a number of cartoonists to post for free. He knew that was “the trick”, to show up on time and create a “24 hour resume” of your works. Brown recalls noticing the launch of ACTIVATE in 2006 and thinking, “These guys are taking this super seriously” unlike others."

"Haspiel is on Facebook, takes off his clothes and hopes for the best, he joked. He realizes that social network is “curated” and it piggy-backs on each other among communities of creators. When he posts others work on his Facebook page, it creates a curatorial sense that appeals to his Facebook followers. It allows him to spend time saying what he DOES like versus spending time on what he doesn’t like."

"Haspiel said that part of creating ACTIVATE was to “life the veil” between creators and readers. Now he feels a little differently and just wants to see the “thing for what it is”. He put a process piece on display for Cuba: My Revolution, he recalls in a gallery, and the Red Hook paper did a review saying they didn’t understand why comic art should hang on the wall. Haspiel could see that point, but actually found them on Facebook, befriended them, and it led to them trying to pursue comics from fine art."

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