Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Bleeding Cool reports Dark Circle panel at NYCC 2014

"Haspiel said that his inspiration is comics he read as a kid that he just doesn’t find around these days. At the beginning of the new series, Paul is “done” with superhero ways but the villains just won’t let him go. Haspiel is in the middle of drawing the second issue and has already drawn an “exploding head” and the action “does not stop until the last page of issue 5″ Haspiel said."

"Haspiel teased, “If you are a superhero, don’t have a son. He will bite you in the ass” regarding Fox Hunt."

"Haspiel said that going back to origins is useful and good but in this case you don’t have to be “beholden” since this is about “stories” and narratives. It’s important to these stories to feel something, and do appropriate stories that don’t have to strictly conform to early continuity, Archie told him, and that makes things far less “stifling” as a creator."

Read the rest of Hannah Means-Shannon's Bleeding Cool report here:

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