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I'm not religious. Anybody or anything that promotes hatred and death towards individual lifestyles that don't hurt other people should be challenged. We're supposedly living in an intelligent era where access to information is easy and (mostly) understandable. So much so, we're fighting for privacy rights while becoming our very own surveillance cops via social networking/etc. Does it bother me that beheading's outside of America seems to be the norm? Sure. Watching videos of kids playing with dismembered heads is a bummer. Does it bother me that some people still think homosexuality is wrong? Yup. Who cares if you're gay? Women STILL don't have equal rights as men? How can that be? And, why was color ever a problem? But, at least we have more ways these days to TRY and understand WHY people do what they do and think the way they think. And, yeah, a lot of it has to do with differences in culture. One culture can be very different from another culture. But, instead of dropping bombs of mass destruction because we disagree with some medieval shit, let's give those people ACCESS. If I grew up and lived in VERY different circumstances (outside the realms of America, Asia and Europe the last century), and an airship flew over me and dropped a crate of iPads with access to translated comix, music & movies/etc. (you know, POP culture) -- that kind of door opening would shift all kinds of paradigms. Some might dub it propaganda but maybe it's just giving free ACCESS to other cultures where people's lifestyles are dramatically and humorously expressed via art. I'd like Islam to drop an art box on my head. Dub me a fool, but the simple act of showing other people's lifestyles and ideas, the stuff that challenges us as individuals, could make for a world-wide uprising and game changer. What you don't know you won't know until you know.

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