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Pop Matters reviews THE FOX: Freak Magnet

"In the pages of the recent The Fox: Freak Magnet, Haspiel and Waid lead readers through the wonderhell that is Paul Patton’s life, and even take him on an adventure that would see him encounter and ultimately rescue all of the missing Golden Age heroes. In his afterword, Haspiel writes about Paul Patton being “a journeyman” and Paul himself not realizing he’s “exactly where he’s supposed to be.” Haspiel’s own meditation on the character keys in beautifully with what underpins the entire thematic arc of the five-issue mini, and what is in some ways, most crucial to the storytelling—that dealing with the past, that confronting the decades of often arcane publication histories of these characters is both incredibly hard and incredibly rewarding. It is an ongoing commitment to breaking free from nostalgia as a kind of market economy, and ensure that this work of recapturing offers up something that is both relevant and meaningful to audiences today. While at the same time not disavowing the original allure of character."

"The result is something so wildly innovative that it’s hard to imagine we don’t stray into the loftier territory of meta à la Charlie Kaufman. But we don’t. The story is as solid in your hands as anything you can imagine."

Read the rest of the review here:

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