Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

"I would not pursue comix as a career": An Interview with Dean Haspiel at Comics DC

"While franchise companies continue to Maim, Rape, Murder, Die, Resurrect, Rinse & Repeat 75-year old icons on a quarterly basis, creator-owned comix will yield more original ideas and characters for other mediums to exploit. No longer will the question be "What if we made this comic into a movie" but more "When will this comic be made into a movie." It's cheaper to beta-test new intellectual property via comix before producing it as something served over easy for lazy readers who don't have the attention span or the imagination to actually read and fill in the gaps between the panels. Meanwhile, rebellious creators will continue to explore the virtues and innovate the art of comix despite competing with the more popular story delivery systems."

Read the rest of the interview conducted by Mike Rhode here:

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