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Bleeding Cool reports SAVE OUR SCHMUCK: Seth Kushner benefit

 photo _51A0447_zpsf5a4229d.jpg
(Dean Haspiel photographed by Kat Ching)

Bleeding Cool editor-in-chief, Hannah Means-Shannon attended and reported the SAVE OUR SCHMUCK: Seth Kushner Bone Marrow Benefit at Union Hall on August 26th, 2014.


"We then moved into the “parental discretion” portion of the evening as Dean Haspiel and Christa Cassano performed artist Cassano’s chapter of Schmuck featuring Kessler’s bewildering visit to a strip club where he finds a comics enthusiast lap dancer has taken a shine to him. Haspiel followed with a chapter from new graphic novel Fear, My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience, called “Bring Me the Heart of Billy Dogma” about the emotionally devastating affects of love and healing powers of reconciliation writ large. Both of these performances were show-stoppers due to hilarity breaking out from the audience and audience participation."

Read the rest of How Not To Make It ‘About Me’ – Helping A Creator In Need At Seth Kushner’s Save Our Schmuck Benefit In New York:

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