Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Robot 6 reviews The Fox: Freak Magnet

"The book is a wonderful introduction to the work of Haspiel, an incredible artist whose own work (Billy Dogma, Fear, My Dear) never seems to receive the accolades it deserves (at least, not in my opinion). In fact, chances are that even the most casual of comics readers have seen and/or read plenty of Haspiel comics without actually associating them with the cartoonist (he drew Vertigo books The Quitter, The Alcoholic and Cuba: My Revolution for writers Harvey Pekar, Jonathan Ames and Inverna Lockpez; the last place I encountered his work was the last issue of Batman ’66).

Haspiel is pretty brilliant when it comes to drawing bodies in motion, and his Fox is therefore a perfect fit, as the character’s costume reduces him almost entirely to a figure more than a character, with only his big, Spider-Man-sized white eyes and floppy ears serving to give him features or expressions. And, of course, The Fox is always in motion; jumping, punching, dodging, getting flung around.

The Fox may not have much of one, but Haspiel is great at faces, and he gets to draw plenty of square-jawed tough guys — good and bad — in addition to all sorts of bizarre monsters and crazy settings."

Read the rest of the review here:

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