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Bleeding Cool talks to 8 creators about Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream

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“After I decided to dedicate a large chunk of my life to making comix, I discovered Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo the same time I learned about George Herriman’s Krazy Kat and Cliff Sterrett’s Polly and Her Pals. I couldn’t believe how artistically sophisticated yet psychedelic those early 20th century comic strips were. I hardly read them because, like the pyramids and Stonehenge, they appeared other-worldly. Dick Tracy and Calvin & Hobbes made much more sense to me.

When I was given the opportunity to contribute to Locust Moon Comics’ ambitious Dream Another Dream project, I balked. I didn’t think I was worthy in what could arguably be considered this decade’s best anthology. In fact, my first attempt, a Billy Dogma ditty, didn’t make muster. I walked the walk of shame and figured that was that, but Chris Stevens insisted I had something more to say and challenged me to dig deeper. I thought about Little Nemo and what would happen if he never got out of bed and grew old. Never having taken a chance outside of Slumberland. What would happen if Nemo were to dream another dream and wake up after all these years and…do something. I drew upon Will Eisner’s streets, George Herriman’s romance, and Jack Kirby’s cosmos while, hopefully, evoking the spirit of Winsor McCay.”
--Dean Haspiel

Read the rest at Bleeding Cool:

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