Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Comic reviews Fantastic Four #7

"Turning to the art, I’d like to highlight artist Dean Haspiel and colorist Nolan Woodard first. They really knocked it out of the park in the flashback. I have literally nothing bad to say about their work. The bright colors are period-appropriate, faces are expressive, panel layouts are engaging, and the emotions are captured wonderfully for all of the characters. There is a lot of pain and regret here and you really feel it on the faces of Ben, Johnny, and Reed. Knowing roughly when this story takes place, I can also compliment Haspiel on using period appropriate costumes for the team. Technically the chest emblem should be blue instead of black (a minor quibble) but otherwise these outfits are perfectly mid-period Lee/Kirby. Further kudos to Haspiel too for mirroring Ben’s “This Man… This Monster” pose from Fantastic Four #51 for Johnny as the weight of his screw-up hits him. It’s a beautifully subtle touch with the water from the sprinklers echoing the rain of the first interior image from that same issue. Really, Haspiel and his style were a perfect choice for this section and his work here is excellent with Woodard’s coloring supporting his work all the way along."

Read the rest of the review here:

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