Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The day Lois found out Clark was Superman

[me shooting pool Thursday night at Joe's Bar in Manhattan]

I think I could pencil a steady 22pp comic book per month. But, unless I owned half the action, it would get boring very fast. Plus, I'd want to ink myself and the frustrations would cripple my enthusiasm. I'd last 6-months. No, if I intend to work professionally for franchise publishers then I need to secure 4-6 issue story arcs inbetween mini-series and graphic novels. Collaborations only. Better yet, I need to keep my eye on the fucking prize and do more BILLY DOGMA so I have my SIN CITY. And, turn my screenplays into comix in hopes the success of the print versions yield [you guessed it] screenplays for moving pictures. Make my own franchises.

What have I learned about myself? I'm an author. Not a technician. I need something I create to hit so hard that it gives me health insurance and makes me money when I sleep. I can't wake up begging for a measly page rate while nursing a sore tooth, anymore. Royalty check? How about a Loyalty check? I've been working for comix for way too long. I need comix to start working for me.

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