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Grand Comics Festival 2014 - thanks

 photo IMG_0032-600x803_zpse9a26822.jpg
(Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel, and James Romberger. Photographed by Hannah Means-Shannon)

Thanks to comix creator/curator/organizer Pat Dorian, I exhibited at my very first GCF and it was a nice, intimate comix gathering of diverse cartoonists. Intentionally kept to a small room, I found myself having longer and deeper conversations with friends, fans and peers than what I'm usually afforded at bigger shows where there's too much to see. What makes GCF cool yet viable, is the fact that we can all peruse and properly shop while catching up with old friends and making new ones. GCF isn't about what you might have missed but more about everything you were able to discover and that's the kind of stuff that helps maintain a strong comix community.

 photo IMG_00131-600x803_zps160f3a6f.jpg
(Dean Haspiel photographed by Hannah Means-Shannon)

 photo 10341410_10152519524664365_8259513931874692025_n_zpsbd042bbf.jpg

 photo 10407971_10152396092312696_482490238112235370_n_zps3c80b1b6.jpg
(Dean Haspiel & Nick Bertozzi. Photographed by Danny Hellman)

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