Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Real Time

I'm still on LJ. My personal website is my LJ account but the conversations are long gone. I miss those days but, to be honest, when platforms like LJ transitioned into things like Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr [where no one says anything], the conversations became sparse and thin. Too much activity and, worse, too much information. It's harder to steep in cyber-talk and peruse the ticker tape water cooler that our brief parlays have become. The procrastination that used to keep me from feeling too lonely at the art table has become a burden, a distraction. I have a lot of conflicting feelings for social networking. It equally informs while spoiling and furnishes support and love while, sometimes, manifesting hate. It's complex. I wish I had more time to type but I'm trying to spend more real time with people because I miss that kind of interaction, most of all. I miss spending real time with my friends and loved ones.

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