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2014 Harvey Awards nominations - FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

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Calling ALL cartoonists and comix industry people. Please nominate and nominate well!

I have a some comics I did in 2013 that I'd like y'all to consider for the 2014 Harvey Awards ballot (due no later than May 19th):

--THE FOX "Freak Magnet" mini-series (Archie/Red Circle) that I plotted and drew. Co-written by Mark Waid. Colors by Allen Passalaqua. Lettering by John Workman. THE SHIELD back-up feature by writer J.M. DeMatteis and artists Mike Cavallaro, Terry Austin. Lettered by John Workman & colored by Andy Covalt. (NOTE: JMD also wrote the entire 5th issue of THE FOX)

--PSYCHOTRONIC COMIX, written & drawn by me (HANG DAI Editions)

--THE RED HOOK, webcomic at

--"The Scales," a short story I drew, written by Josh Simmons for CREEPY #13 (Dark Horse).



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