Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Switch To Kill

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I'm excited to announce that Gemini CollisionWorks is producing "SWITCH TO KILL," a play I wrote about two hit-men who engage in a psychological duel that triggers cold–blooded acts of murder, and it's debuting at The Brick's Comic Book Theater Festival this June! Check it out:

Written by Dean Haspiel
Directed by Ian W. Hill

In a world where no one knows anyone’s true identity, professional hit men, Dallas Twilite and Buck Dangerzone, engage in a psychological duel that triggers cold–blooded acts of murder. Haunted by his younger brother’s death years ago, a twist of events makes Dallas realize that he has never witnessed his partner, Buck, kill a man while Buck, who insists that he’s been responsible for every kill won't admit how. Their disagreement breaks a trust that has bonded them since day one.

All hell breaks loose when Frank the Shank sparks a distribution war, geriatric assassins Jimmy the Face and Massacre Mel deliver the wrong head to gang lord rival Bohannon, and gun salesman, Stan the Man, sells the right bullets to the wrong men. Through a series of harried gun play and emotional tests, a trust is reinstated and ghosts are lifted from the psyche of grief-stricken killers.

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