Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Xombies vs Magnetic Fields

Xombies played their second official game of softball last night. We crushed Magnetic Fields, 20 - 6. It was monumental. One of our monster hitters punched one so far, it sent an opposing outfielder to Long Island Hospital with a dislocated arm! At least a 3rd of our team were rookies, recruited because too many core Xombies had bailed. Rookies that did us righteous. Fits and starts and rainy weather has challenged our team spirit the past month, leaving us with no practice. No games. Maybe that's why our hobbled team rallied and won? Maybe it was Ed, our team manager's keen sensibilities that knew where everyone should field and when they should hit? Maybe that's why we smashed the kinds of home runs that would've made Babe Ruth proud? Who knows why or how a body brings the pain. But we surely did.

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