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Bleeding Cool reviews THE FOX #5

The Fox Rallies To Finale And Archie Confirms That Waid And Haspiel Return For Fox Hunt by Hannah Means-Shannon

"Dean Haspiel has a great deal to do with the characterization and concepts behind The Fox. You can see his own thematic signature heavily here on the culmination of issue #4 and the plot movements of issue #5. If you’re familiar with Haspiel’s other works, and particularly his Billy Dogma comics, you’ll see that signature more clearly: the permutations and difficulties of love, its role in essentially saving human beings from their own worst selves, is a frequent theme in his comics, just as it is here. But I’m gratified to see that with The Fox, Haspiel has been given the platform to address not just human nature but human history and address the “hate consuming” a “world in war” through these historically-rooted heroes. Never has the phrase “tough love” been better suited to describe the mood of a particular comic issue. Haspiel’s comics reinforce the power of love but do not present love with rose-colored glasses: they suggest that it’s a last-ditch essential and sometimes only alternative to complete destruction, the only preserver of the good. The only real future for the characters in these stories."

Read the entire review here:

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