Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Drunk on Comics reviews THE FOX #5

"this book is illustrated by one of my new favorite artists, Dean Haspiel, with color work by Allen Passalqua. The art team really took the “Freak Magnet” moniker seriously, giving the readers some very “freaky” visuals, such as a 30 foot tall Druid, or a lion with a Medusa-mane. And the cartoony style and bright colors don’t detract the reader from any of the violence and mayhem that ensues in this story, in fact, I’d say it adds to the allure. Most people see the cartoony style of art and assume it has to be all-ages, but when done right (like it is here), it can be very serious and dangerous for our heroes. I think the art gives the story more fluidity, and actually makes some of the more surreal portions that much more so (check out the scene where our unlikely allies are stretched and formed into Unity…it’ll make sense when you read it, I promise!)."

Read the rest of the review here:

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