Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Nerdist reviews THE FOX #4

"In case the dynamic duo of Haspiel and Waid wasn’t enough to get you onboard with Red Circle’s recently revived The Fox, then perhaps this will: Do it already. Seriously, just do it. Whether you realized it or not, The Fox has quietly become one of the most consistently entertaining superhero books on the market, expertly balancing its humorous, laugh-a-minute tone with creative characters, frenetic action sequences, and a sense of high adventure that simply cannot be phoned in. When The Fox is at its best, it plays out like a spiritual successor to books like The Tick, managing to simultaneously skewer and celebrate the things we love about the superhero genre. Issue #4 finds us in the middle of a melee maelstrom in Diamond World, where the Fox and his crime fighting cohorts must battle against a mind-controlled, axe-wielding king and a meddlesome Druid, and find a way home from this multifaceted, laser-cut realm. It’s a rollicking, immensely enjoyable issue with delightfully over-the-top artwork and quippy dialogue galore that manages to entertain without wearing out its welcome. Throw in a The Shield back-up story as well, and The Fox #4 is just gravy."

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