Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Don't give up your day job

When I was at Katz's Deli the other night, there was a thin, handsome man sketching in a book a couple of tables away from me. He was scribbling a portrait of a pal off his iPhone. I asked him if he was a cartoonist and he laughed and said "no." I think he laughed because he knew he wasn't good enough. I complimented him on his art and we talked for a minute. I admire anyone who's willing to practice in public. I went back to my table to apply more mustard to my round potato knish and a woman came up to the aspiring artist and asked to take his picture and sign a paper napkin. He complied. Apparently, he was a young actor on some TV show. I never got his name or what show he was acting on but I dug the fact that he was cartooning on the side. I wanted to say to him, "Don't give up your day job because comix will kill you!" but he probably already knew that.

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