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Telling/Sharing/Owning Stories Together?

If Shia LaBeouf never made a dime off the stories he helped tell/make in movies with his acting, he might have a pinkie toe to stand on to esthetically defend his present thesis [click link below and read full article, specifically his Tweets]. But the fact that he's a millionaire, thanks to storytelling franchises like Transformers, etc., that he acted in and got paid for, derails his own "share/change/own stories together vs anti-profit" philosophy.

We all tell/share stories but some of us make it our job. And, that's why, for better or for worse, we have copyrights. We can agree that no story is wholly original but the way we tell/show/deliver our individual stories/ideas is what makes them/us unique and that's why we can't let plagiarism slide. Hell, even parody and homage is a slippery slope but at least I give props to those who helped inspire me and my way.

I'll admit, there's a certain spirit to LaBeouf's cut-and-paste rah-rah-rants but he's not the guy to discuss remix culture.

What Shia LaBeouf Tweeted via ✔ @thecampaignbook:

"we used to sit in a circle around a campfire and tell stories and share them and change them and own them together because they were ours

now our stories are owned for profit we buy corporate property and call it our culture enriching others as we deplete ourselves"

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