Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Purple Reign

Been feeling extremely isolated and anxious these past few weeks and then this happens.

My pal/writer/performer Jonathan Ames calls to invite me to his David Letterman taping to hawk his new novel, WAKE UP, SIR! I’d never seen Letterman live and I support my friend’s work, so I dropped the page I was drawing to hit Jim Hanley’s Universe for the new comix. I bump into cartoonist James Kochalka [SKETCHBOOK DIARIES, MONKEY VS. ROBOT] who’s doing a signing that very afternoon w/cartoonist Craig [BLANKETS, GOODBYE CHUNKY RICE] Thompson for their new collaborative effort, CONVERSATION #1. Kochalka tells me that, depending on schedules, the next “convo” is slated to parlay between he and Frank Miller.

Shit, maybe I should have a conversation…?

My latest comix effort hit the racks this Wednesday: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST #3, featuring my 20pp Luna Moth story, written by Kevin McCarthy, colored by Dan Jackson, and lettered by Tom Orzechowski. It’s one of my favorite jobs to date.

For a 4pp preview:

I hotfoot it across Times Square to Letterman by 4:30PM and get preferred treatment, but not before I almost get plastered by featured guest, Hilary Duff and her entourage of Minute Men, nearly making wallpaper of me. Fans go buck wild and paparazzi take a million pix. Brrr. What an awful way to spend life.

Letterman was a charm and the taping was a spectacle. Huff is only sixteen?! Ames was aces and did a few funny bits, including an innovative way for shy folks to apply suntan lotion to the middle of your back w/the help of a kitchen spatula. It was obvious that Letterman is a big fan of Ames’ work and he asked him to perform his unique “Hairy Call.”

Couldn’t hang around backstage to meet & greet, as I was off to see Prince at Madison Square Garden w/my old pal/cartoonist Josh Neufeld. First time I saw Prince was w/the Revolution in 1984 at Nassau Coliseum. We were advised to wear something purple. 20-years later, and Prince still rules planet earth. While a few folks lit traditional lighters to spark a vigil for the final song, “Purple Rain,” kids who weren’t even born in ’84 flipped open their cell phones to achieve a digital vigil. That, and some fools popped open their umbrellas. Me? I showered in Prince’s reign. No matter the age and cultural difference, it's a crime for those who've never experienced a live Prince concert. Technology has yet to invent a recording device that can capture Prince live. Human ears, eyes, and hips alone can barely justify yet qualify and interpret what happens. The show opened w/unannounced band The Time [yes, Jerome pulled out the famous mirror while Morris Day managed his quaff], and guests included Sheila E. [who got a huge, much deserved, standing ovation that nearly brought her to tears], and funk horn legend, Maceo Parker. The entire concert lasted four hours.

Afterwards, Neufeld and I hopped a yellow cab over to David Leslie’s pad on 7th Street and Avenue B, where Ames and a few pals were holed up watching Late Night. We made it in time to catch Ames in close-up on TV. High-fives made their rounds as Neufeld and I split to enjoy a plate of boiled peirogies at Odessa, where I bumped into sly filmmaker/photobooth artist/SUNY Purchase alum, Paul Yates, whose movie ALIEN SEX PARTY [] -- I had the misfortune to “act” in a few years ago. Yates is moving to California to study more film and was kind enough to float me advanced copies of the CD soundtrack for said movie from the trunk of his car, featuring cover art by my pal/cartoonist/writer, Bob Fingerman, due out September. It’s actually a very good soundtrack. Get it for Schaumgummi and the sublime X-mas tune “Silent Night/Feliz Navidad” by Moby w/porno actress, Dyanna Lauren.

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