Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Warning shot

I'd hazard that a lot of "kids these days" feel somewhat the same as Shia LaBeouf, which is something creators should consider as we huddle and protect our copyrights. With all that's been created, all the stuff we have access to, everything that gets made and shared and stolen, LaBeouf's point of view is an interesting take on appropriation; akin to sampling like a mix-master [only, not nearly as good as a Tarantino movie]. Even if LaBeouf is cutting & pasting and not adding much new to his "take," it's fascinating to witness his defense while "apologizing." I'm not advocating, just warning us of the future...which is now.

Plagiarism is illegal but we live in a "remix culture" that forgives that kind of behavior or, more honestly, doesn't give a shit who created what. I don't care who created the kung fu moves I watch in a kung fu movie. I just want to see my kung fu and munch on pop corn by whoever created pop corn. And, therein lies the rub. Most people don't care where things come from. I don't think I've had a wholly original idea in my life but I credit those who inspire my work as much as I can. I just find it fascinating where our pop culture is heading...

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