Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

What a difference a year makes

I've been having a lot of thoughts about projections and perceptions; how things change dramatically, witnessing so many comix veterans get the shaft or walk away or wither. As my pal/cartoonist Bob Fingerman once suggested, "Old people are NOT the greatest advertisement for old age," and as funny as that's supposed to be, there's a certain truth to it. Maybe that's why I never got good enough to get locked down. Maybe that's why I DON'T have my Dark Knight and/or my Sin City. I keep hopscotching so nobody can peg me. So I seem fresh. Stay fresh. So, that I can be noted as someone to "look out for" in 2014 and beyond. It's an odd choice to continue making comix in 2014 because the business of comix is just plain awful while the creation of comix is only getting better. My heart is always at war with my mind. Despite hits and accolades, there is no guarantee. You're only as good as your last page.

One year ago today, Tom Spurgeon interviewed me at The Comics Reporter. It was a sobering affair:

One year later, Brigid Alverson interviewed me about The Fox at Robot 6. What a difference a year makes:

Den of Geek lists me as #3 on their "101 Creators to Watch in 2014":

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