Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Bleeding Cool’s Best Comic Panels of 2013

"Issue #1 of The Fox still had one foot firmly planted in a reality readers could hold onto, but opening the cover on Issue #2 revealed this image and a promise that all bets were off. For the reader, it’s sink or swim from this point onward into the psychedelic and shifting realities of a bizarre psychological adventure in the mind of a hero divided against himself. The use of the Beatles lyrics was a move so ingenious that I’m still trying to process the second shift in the narrative here where the Fox clarifies that these kind of realities are both terrifying and his “life”. Passalaqua’s colors are saturated and cloying like the overpowering world the Fox is entering and resisting. In combination, Haspiel’s linework, the colors, and the monologue strike the reader as being entirely alien, strange, and disorienting. For me, a panel that asserts the strangeness comics are capable of represents the ongoing vitality of the medium." --Hannah Means-Shannon

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