Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Merry Xmas Jen Ferguson

 photo JFXmas2013_zpscc89d629.jpg

The past 3-4 years, me and Jen Ferguson make each other original art for Xmas. I never know what she's going to make me and I never know what I'm going to make her. Staring at a blank piece of watercolor paper the night before Xmas Eve can be daunting (especially since I can't paint to save my life). I'm used to having an initial idea or working from a script or layout and once a year I dive head first into the thrill of making something from nothing. I can never vouch for its artistic and/or conceptual merit but it's always stream-of-consciousness and a worthwhile challenge.

 photo wild-life_zps0bc33366.jpg
(Jen Ferguson's "Wild Life")

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